The purpose of this blog

Hello, people of Park Place Baptist Church, their friends and family, and any random person who wants to join us. (Henceforth you shall be known as “Scroll Eaters.)  Welcome to The Scroll Eaters, the blog associated with PPBC’s “The Journey: Study” for 2011.  For those of you not in the know, the Journey is a five-phase, yearlong emphasis of PPBC on certain aspects of the Christian life.  They are “Pray,” “Give,” “Study,” “Go,” and “Mobilize.” “Pray” will entail praying for specific nations, people groups, even continents, on a scheduled basis.  “Give” will consist of dedicated offerings at scheduled points through the year, such as for state missions, debt reduction, food drives, and the like.  With “Go” the church is asking each member to give 7 or more days of 2011 to mission service, whether it be a local event or international.  In “Mobilize,” the challenge is put to each member of PPBC to evangelize and disciple one non-believer or new believer into these aspects of the Christian life.

Now, for “Study,” we as a church will read the Bible through, chronologically, six days a week.  There will be a schedule of readings in the church bulletin, the Baptist Record, on the dedicated Facebook page The Journey: Bible Readers of Park Place (and Friends), and here on The Scroll Eaters.

So, the purpose of this blog is simple: to provide a forum for responses to the reading of the day.  Sometimes I’ll teach theology.  Often I’ll get philosophical.  At times, I’ll be more devotional.   Frequently, we’ll venture into what academics call “spiritual formation.”  I’ll often link to relevant videos, such as a hymn or concert clip of a song that’s based on that day’s passage.  In short, anything relevant goes.  Also, in biblical commentaries, you’ll often see “Excursus,” which means “a lengthy, appended exposition of a topic or point; an excursion.”  Well, I reserve the right to post excursuses on certain topics if I see fit.

So, my friends, get your fork and knife ready.  Soon, we dine on the Word.

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One Response to The purpose of this blog

  1. Pete says:

    I especially enjoyed your explanation about visions and God giving Christians His Word, prophets and Jesus Christ. Are we blessed or what!

    I would like to suggest that you move your “post a comment” to the top of the page somewhere. I had to scroll through days and days of postings to find it. <

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