The Oldest Book [Job 1-5]

Hello, Scroll Eaters! Welcome to Job! I’ll let you know right off that these readings are long, as you probably figured out when you tackled five chapters of Job. Part of that reason is that so much of Job is poetry, which always makes for dense reading.

I’m going to do something different through Job, as opposed to what I did in Genesis or what I will do in Exodus onward. My Genesis posts were mostly commentary. Job’s going to be bit different. Most of Job is a debate between Job and his friends, and much of it is repetitious, which is often what we see in real life. Much of what needs to be said from our perspective is in Job 1-2 and 41-42. Job is a book that almost teaches itself when we have the context down, so I’ll take a few days to unpack all the contextual stuff we need to make Job make sense. The first thing we’ll look at today is why we’re looking at Job now, right after Genesis.

Job is the oldest book in the Bible. It might be the oldest book in the world. It’s older than Genesis, though Genesis covers older material. An analog would be if I now wrote a book about JFK and compare it to a book written ten years ago about Reagan. The Reagan book is older than my book, but mine covers earlier material. Genesis covers Creation to the Flood, and then the era of the patriarchs. Job is set in the era of the patriarchs, but is in face an older book than Genesis. We know this because of the age of the Hebrew used. Languages evolve through time. Compare modern English to “The Tell-Tale Heart” by Edgar Allan Poe, from 1843, which uses phrases like “you fancy me mad.” Today we’d say, “you think I’m crazy.” Even further back, say, 1611, we read English like this: “And he said, Draw not nigh hither: put off thy shoes from off thy feet, for the place whereon thou standest is holy ground” (Exodus 3:5  KJV). The difference in 1611 and 2011 is 400 years, and today we’d read, “‘Do not come closer,’ He said. ‘Take your sandals off your feet, for the place where you are standing is holy ground'” (HCSB). That’s only 400 years difference; the Hebrew Bible covers Hebrew written from about 1800 BC to at least 430 BC, maybe later. That’s over 1200 years of change! Linguists can judge the age of a document based on how old its diction is. The oldest Hebrew: Job. The Hebrew in Job is so old it’s unique. It’s actually often called “Paleo-Hebrew.” Job was written in the time of the Patriarchs. Genesis was written, or compiled, by Moses, some 430+ years later! The difference in Job and Genesis is the same as our KJV and today! So, Job’s our oldest book, but when is it set?

Job is in the time of the patriarchs, meaning the time of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. Most likely, it was somewhere after Babel and before Abraham. This would be ≈2200 BC to 1800 BC. How do we know this? First, like Abe, Ike, and Jake, Job’s life is long. He lived 140 years after the events of the book, but was old enough at that time to have seven sons and three daughters. Looking at contemporaries, Terah had Abraham at age seventy and, so if Job were say, fifty, then Job would have died at 190. We can estimate Job’s age from 180 to 220 fairly easily.

Another reason we know it’s of that era is that Job’s wealth is measured in the size of his flocks and servants, rather than in money as will happen later. Compare Abraham’s record of wealth in Genesis 24:34-35 NASB, “So he said, ‘I am Abraham’s servant. The LORD has greatly blessed my master, so that he has become rich; and He has given him flocks and herds, and silver and gold, and servants and maids, and camels and donkeys…,'” to Job’s in 1:3 NASB, “His possessions also were 7,000 sheep, 3,000 camels, 500 yoke of oxen, 500 female donkeys, and very many servants; and that man was the greatest of all the men of the east.” Also, for the record, that last bit about the men of the east – Job is from Uz, which most likely in northern Arabia – Edom. This is a nice summary of the location question.

Another is that there’s no priesthood. Just like Abraham made altars, like to sacrifice Isaac on, and Jacob built altars, we see Job function as the spiritual leader. He makes sacrifices for his sons “just in case” in 1:5. This places it before the Levitical priesthood.

There are a few other things we could look at, but this should be sufficient to know that Job’s an old book, predating or being contemporaneous with Abraham. By contrast, the account of Abraham himself was written/edited/redacted by Moses 400 years later.

Another background issue we should look at is the structure of Job. A cursory look in an any non-paraphrased Bible will show that Job is a bit of prose on each end with a large chunk of poetry in the middle. There’s some debate, but the consensus is that the prose bookends are the older part, and were probably later separated and the poetry section inserted by an anonymous writer. If you take the poetry section out and read the prose straight through, it doesn’t flow, so the middle prose section was likely removed, expanded in poetry, and replaced.

Next, what is the book about? If you said “patience,” you are in line with popular conception, but wrong! Job is not about patience, though it’s true James uses Job as an example of patience or endurance. Job is also not about suffering. It is interesting that Job never finds out why he suffered! No explanation is given for his suffering, nor is the book an investigation into the mystery of suffering. Neither is the book about faith. Neither is it about retribution. The theological concept we’re left with is that this book is about the sovereignty of God. What is sovereignty? It’s the right of God to rule, to enact his will. The book’s question is “Is God in control?” and if so, “Is God loving and just?”

The greatest challenge the non-believing world puts to us is not proof of his existence, it is that if God is loving and just, “Why do the innocent suffer?” The crazy thing is, though this book raises the question, God does not answer it! God’s response is, “Who do you think you are?”

Let me finish today by summarizing the prologue of chapters 1-2. We get a seat of God’s council with the angles, a rundown of who Job is, his suffering, his innocence (so we know it’s not punishment), and an introduction to all of Job’s friends except Elihu. We also see that God did not directly cause the suffering, but allowed Satan to do it with his permission. There are five scenes alternating between earth and heaven. Earth first, then, Heaven, Earth, Heaven, Earth. The only person who goes back and forth is Satan.

I’ve got much more to say about this section, but we’ll wait until tomorrow.

For tomorrow read Job 6-9.

The Lord bless you and keep you.

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  1. Darren Scoggin says:

    Interesting Satan doesn’t take Job’s wife… maybe he thought she would be more “useful” alive and tempting him to curse God!?

    • Perhaps. I never really thought about it. I suppose Satan knew her personality and that she’d probably be embittered against God?

    • That is God didn’t order the Satan to do anything with here. Remember, the Satan is doing all of this according to the wishes of God. By the way, Job is not the oldest book. Your dating of Job is based on the false premise that since Job is described as an Edomite patriarch, he must have lived in the time of the Hebrew patriarchs. But Edom didn’t exist at that time. The Hebrew of Job is not classical/biblical Hebrew. There are loan words from Arabic and Aramaic, the latter showing that it had to have been written during or after the Persian period in the History of Judah.
      As for the purpose of the book, it is a criticism against some of the sages of the Israelite Wisdom Tradition. Some sages believed that they knew how the God of Israel thinks because they believed thew knew how the world works. Hence, they believed they knew God’s mind. For the author of Job, he criticizes their thinking, which is represented by Job’s friends and also Job, i.e., God only punishes those who have sinned, that only bad people suffer. This is why Job is so furious and refuses to repent for a sin he doesn’t know anything about. And in the end, God tells Job that he has no right to know why he is suffering because he is just a human being.
      Point of the story is that bad things happen to good people. Why? God knows but he is not telling. However, the readers know why Job is suffering and it is because of a bet between God and the Satan. By the way, the Satan here is not the Satan in later forms of Judaism and Christianity. He is a member of the heavenly court who comes to earth to discover who has been loyal to Yahweh or not among the Jews. We are dealing here with a book that was most likely written in the 4th century B.C.E. He is not evil here, etc. That will come about 100 to 160 years later in literature that never entered the Bible.
      Furthermore, when it comes to Job being Edomite, Jewish readers would care less about his predicament since the Edomites betrayed their Israelite cousins by siding with the Babylonians when Jerusalem fell to them in 587 B.C.E. One of the reasons why you have a number of post-Exilic prophets calling for the genocide of the Edomites.
      This criticism of the Israelite Wisdom Tradition is also found in Ecclesiastes, which was probably written close to the time of the composition of Job.

    • Michael Hill says:

      Actually satan doesn’t take Job’s wife because she’s an insufferable nag and the devil didn’t want her either! XD LOL

  2. Tex Ellis says:

    My thought is how could God replace Job’s Real Children without their Real Mother? They would be the Children of a different Mother…. Just a thought. Only God can make things back like they were!

  3. Tex Ellis says:

    You have to have the original to restore -Right?

    • dk34997 says:

      His ” original ” children will be restored to him as well, when he moves on from this world.

      • jksc12 says:

        That’s not true. Jesus refers to the book of Enoch multiple times in the new testament, and Jude refers to it in Jude 1:14-21. Enoch was referred-to in Genesis. That makes the book very old, probably as old as Job. Book of Enoch was set aside by the Niocene Council mainly due to the account of the angels mixing with human women. The text of Job, particularly his descriptions of the weather (storehouses of hail, rain, etc) are very similar to how Enoch describes them. The writing is so similar that the writers of both Job and Enoch, if not the same person, they had to be from the same time period. What’s more, the Book of Enoch was part of canon in the Ethiopian Orthodox Church. One of the reasons why it remained there is because Ethiopia wasn’t as affected by the dictates of Rome. IMO, Rome did a purge of the Book of Enoch because it talked about the Watchers, about the time of the end, including the events of the rapture. Don’t know where you get the date 1300 AD from – that’s just simply not the truth.

      • jksc12 says:

        Sorry, my comment is intended for the reply below referring to the Book of Enoch.

  4. steve says:

    Thanks for this. Informative but more importantly HUMBLE. keep it up scroll eater. Jn15:7-8

  5. David says:

    Is the book of Enoch older than the book of Job?

    • Phil L.D. says:

      No the book of enoch is from roughly 1300AD in the middle ages. and also the book of enoch is not actually scriptural cannon

      • jksc12 says:

        That’s not true. Jesus refers to the book of Enoch multiple times in the new testament, and Jude refers to it in Jude 1:14-21. Enoch was referred-to in Genesis. That makes the book very old, probably as old as Job. Book of Enoch was set aside by the Niocene Council mainly due to the account of the angels mixing with human women. The text of Job, particularly his descriptions of the weather (storehouses of hail, rain, etc) are very similar to how Enoch describes them. The writing is so similar that the writers of both Job and Enoch, if not the same person, they had to be from the same time period. What’s more, the Book of Enoch was part of canon in the Ethiopian Orthodox Church. One of the reasons why it remained there is because Ethiopia wasn’t as affected by the dictates of Rome. IMO, Rome did a purge of the Book of Enoch because it talked about the Watchers, about the time of the end, including the events of the rapture. Don’t know where you get the date 1300 AD from – that’s just simply not the truth.

      • 1 Enoch is dated between 160 and 100 B.C.E., and it is actually contains five books devoted to Enoch.

      • Dave says:

        thats actually not correct. What is called the II and III books of Enoch are forgeries and they were written in the middle ages that is true. But what is known as the I book of Enoch is not. The oldest copies of Enoch we have date to 300 BC. When they found Qumran and the dead sea scrolls the REAL Book of Enoch was the most copied text of all texts they discovered and are still discovering. This text also paralleled the Ethiopian version of Enoch so they share common origins.

        the book of enoch was one of the most sacred texts the Hebrew people had. Thats why Jude had knowledge of it. Its why Peter refers to it. Paul makes two references to Enoch.

        There are around 265 references in Scripture whos only source material is the Book of Enoch.

      • Ted Barlow says:

        Dave, where do Peter and Paul refer to a book of Enoch?

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  7. Ndah Praise says:

    The bible is full of mystery

  8. Kweku says:

    I think your your article is very interesting and true. God visited Adam and Eve in the garden of Eden and had a personal interaction with Man . He dealt with man directly and not through prophets or his law. Moses was last person to deal directly with God ( stand to be corrected). God answered Job directly and not through visions or dreams. Maybe before Abraham maybe right.

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  10. Alex says:

    the man job is indeed a great and a role model.
    One needs to pass through what job undergoes for genuine christianity.

    • Dave says:

      How in the world do you figure that?

      You realize that falls under ‘works?’

      Works entails righteousness based on anything that has anything to do with anything other than CHRIST and what HE DID and what HE SUFFERED on our behalf.

  11. David Kardi says:

    Scroll eater I think another dimension to the story of job according to Joseph Prince is “self righteousness” Job saw his righteousness through himself not through God.

  12. Ruben says:

    I believe the bible repeats a continuous theme to indicate the meaning of life as we know it. The first shall serve the second born, as the heavenly church/ children of God lost their “light bearer” Lucifer then Adam and Eve were given authority over this new realm with time as a relative concept that was made to prove God’s LOVE through His perfect plan to show HiS angels that He is loving and not an oppressive God. Check more stories about the second son and the first son in most of the bible’s books from Cain and Abel to Joseph, etc, etc, etc….

  13. humble says:

    Am in love with scroll eaters

  14. Emmanuel obi says:

    The replacement of job childrens after devil might hv tempted him does nt mean data God giv him the actual children of ones, but God gave him as usual nd wit d same phenotype nd atoudant of wealth!!

  15. phambaniso5 says:

    Reblogged this on loverevolutionfamiliministry.

  16. If the book of Job is older than Genesis why in the bible Genesis comes first?

    • Prabhu says:

      The books of the Bible are arranged in Chronological order of the events(not in the order written) as a single book much later. Since Moses documented the times from creation of earth to return from exile, it is placed as the first set of books. The books from thereon also have a genealogy which can be traced all the way up. 1 John, 2 John and 3 john are the last books written but Revelation is placed last because the events leading to the end of the world and new heaven and new earth is dealt in Revelation.

    • John Brownfield says:

      The Old Testament has three sections: Historical (Genesis thru Esther), Poetry/Wisdom (Job, Psalms, Proverbs, Ecclesiastes), and the Prophets (Isaiah thru Malachi). The Historical books are in chronological order. The Book of Job is in the form of a poem (at least the middle part. The beginning and end are in prose). It doesn’t sound like poetry to me, but I’m not an expert on poetry. Anyway, Job was included with Psalms and Proverbs for that reason. There is considerable evidence for Job pre-dating The rest of the Bible, which a simple Google search will reveal.

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  19. Rex says:

    great how can i continue tomorrow with this

  20. Dave says:

    There sure is a lot of Theological Seminary baggage apparent in this comment thread and article.

    Job is NOT about the sovereignty of God. It is NOT about suffering. Its not even about repentance.
    Its meaning can be found in Hebrews 11. ‘ He who comes to God must believe HE IS and is a rewarder of those who diligently, consistently, persistently, devotedly, wholeheartedly, pursue HIM him in service and worship.

    The idea that God can ‘enact’ His will is a moot point. The purpose in the written Word of God is to make up knowledgable concerning what HIS WILL ACTUALLY IS. Paul said it in his letters ‘God would not have you ignorant concerning what HIS WILL is’ Jesus said it saying ‘I no longer call you servants but friends’

    Is Job an interesting read? Certainly. Can we learn anything doctrinally from Job? Absolutely not.
    Can we learn something about the will of God Absolutely not. The events of Job must be taken in context of the absence of two key things 1. Covenant 2. Redemption 3. The given Word

    Job did not have the benefit of having the written Word of God. He did not have the benefit of Covenant rights and privileges the Body of Christ enjoys. Job did not enjoy Redemption as we do.

    So the arena that Job plays out in is very different from the on our lives are unfolding in.

    To use Job as an excuse for our suffering or an excuse for our doubting or an excuse to blame God for whatever comes our way is pure ignorance and supposition.

    The take away from Job is ‘God will raise us up and sustain us if we 1. Believe HE IS 2. Believe HE is a rewarder of those who DILIGENTLY seek His face and not whats in his Hands.

    I have to be honest. Any time I see a believer bring up Job I cringe. When I see a pastor use Job an example in a sermon its hard for me to sit there and listen because WE ARE THE CHURCH. WE ARE THE BRIDE OF CHRIST. Theres a reason the Patriarchs looked forward TO OUR TIME with anticipation and jealousy.

  21. Linda Phillip says:

    After very careful reading and with much prayer, I would appreciate your consideration on a view of Job that I find interesting, which fits our belief in sin and pride.
    I think we might agree that with any sin, humans leave openings for satan and his legions of demons to enter. In studying Job, I saw a lot of “self” strength… “self” righteousness… “pride.” That is the opening which, I believe, satan used to gain God’s ear in the first place… God allowed the testing because Job thought himself so righteous he didn’t attribute his blessings to God.
    Throughout his conversations with his three friends he listed all he had done… his works… He didn’t list God’s GRACE or MERCY.
    AND WHEN GOD finally came to Job, God asked Job what all of his great accomplishments were by asking him if he could create this or that…GREAT THINGS.
    That is why I think pride as a sin and asking for forgiveness of our sins, and proclaiming God’s righteousness as the reason for all of which we are blessed, is the basis for understanding Job. And using it as a guide for living as God intended us to live… by praising Him for whatever we have.
    What do you think?

    • Rene Porcile says:

      Linda, good thoughts, but consider – The LORD said to Satan, “Where have you come from?” Satan answered the LORD, “From roaming throughout the earth, going back and forth on it.” Then the LORD asked Satan, “Have you noticed my servant Job? He is the finest man in all the earth. He is blameless–a man of complete integrity. He fears God and stays away from evil.”
      To me the story of Job is one of – “He wins, who endures to the end.” I also agree with your closing statement – “And using it as a guide for living as God intended us to live… by praising Him for whatever we have.”

  22. Wilfred says:

    Quite informative indee

  23. John Angelo says:

    When did Enoch live and what time reference to the events for which he wrote about… when did Moses live…and what time reference to the events for which he wrote about? or even when did Job live …and what time reference to the events for which he wrote about? Is it NOT normal expectation that better understanding exists when the events follow a chronological sequence of events with lesser concern as to when they were documented by the writer??? If the book of Enoch were a part of the Bible it would occur immediately after Genesis.

  24. Nsa Charles says:

    l had to come to findout online today to update on my knowledge of a statement l made about 7years again as a pastor friend woke me up this morning with the question,
    why did you say Job is the oldest book in the Bible?
    thank you for expanation so far…..
    From: Nsa Charles Bassey- CALABAR, Nigeria

  25. bob says:

    Great discussion about God &man. I’ve been thinking about Job for almost 30 years, I love this book for many reasons. About twenty years ago I came away with this picture in my mind, shown in chapter 42: 1-6, with a highlight in 5 + 6. I see the Creator has finished speaking to Job. Job finally get’s it, he now ‘ sees ‘ what his heart-problem has been, he admits that he needed to grasp what his creator wanted him to see. Why does our Maker, kindly and mercifully allow hard-times to meet us? Its always for our benefit and for His glory, so that we will let down our defensiveness and bare our hearts to Him. With Him its always about our hearts, it’s always been, always is and will be. ( 1 Sam.16-7; Jer.17:9; Ps 7:9 God tests the hearts of men) And Jer. 24:7 ‘ Then I will give them a heart to know Me………………..
    God ‘ left no stone unturned ‘ with Job, He leaves no stone unturned with anybody, saved, unsaved only so we agree for Him to uncover our hearts. Job did that in the end. God’s plan is always completed , beautiful and perfect.
    I think of 2Cor.:9 and 11, ” …….And this also we pray, that you be made complete…………Finally, brethren ,farewell. Become complete……….”
    Our Lord uses hard times to complete our hearts He is working on, while we are still on earth. And He did that for the O.T. saints as well. And just like in Gen.1:31 , it says ” Then God saw everything that He had made and indeed it was very good “, that is what He intended to do with Job’s heart. Lets pray He will do the same with each of our hearts, by the time our lives are finished here.

    • Tracy Fyler says:

      Indeed Bob Where a man’s treasure is there will be his heart also How profound,as in the statement the heart of the matter is the matter of the heart or may say spirit of heart Rom 10:10 met author of book heartmath as also in dot com , we should realize ( easy to look up) the three brains of the body …. It is said that a women’s intuition is greater than a man’s certainty… Notice except for Nicodemus all deep conversations Jesus had were with women , which comprise majority of churches. But back to the heart of the matter with it 200,000 neurons comprising the policy maker ,making decisions of Life ,according to the treasure sought after or before depending on perspective…. That is what catches our eye that which we think and gaze upon as Jonah’s perspective they that behold lying vanities forsake there own mercy supposedly seen in darkness during a fishing trip ….if the light ( understanding ) that is in us
      be darkness how great is that darkness? But if the eye is single ( in purpose ) then the body will be full of understanding ? Alas Purpose?
      Like a child constantly asking Why? A unifying philosophy as in the Golden Rule …He that had the Gold Rules the other side of Matt 6:24
      Alas John 17:3 combined with Jn.7:16-18 a result of Matt 11:28 matters of the heart the devil’s believe and tremble due to heart became a black hole changing Truth into a lie
      Thus the first three commandments the highest thoughts we can think the words of our mouth the meditations of our heart to delight in His precepts or get trapped in the tree of Knowledge deciding for ourselves what is good and what is evil without Truth ( that which changes not) Hath God said? Nay “There are no Absolutes” An Absolute statement in ID/SELF {id} beginning at no beginning and working to no end endless compromising to gratify pleasures of mind and body opposite of spirit/soul/body
      Thus ®to©™ let everyone who names the name of Christ depart from iniquity for we are Col 3:1-3 Gal 2:20 for in Messiah Yeshua there is neither male nor female Jew nor Gentil but a new creation in Christ thus Philomen 6 to rest on Him Who can not lie.
      Earlier saw some site asking question Why have you failed me ,Why have you not answered my prayer Perhaps a better question is …Is God in the giving Business
      Answer 2 Peter 1:2,3*,4 3 States according as His Divine power HAS* given us all things that pertain unto life and godliness through the knowledge of Him Who has called us unto Glory and Virtue thus the heart and mind appropriation committee gets vigilant on verse 4 . Of utmost importance the still small voice in today’s world of information overload as this letter appears how it has been said man’s major problem is he can not be alone in an empty room for one hour without external amusements/ entertainment alias brightly colored luminescent snake 1 John 2:15-17 as May West once said given the choice between two evils she would chose the one she hasn’t tried yet. Yet the still small voice is heard clearly in suffering ? Though He were a Son yet learned He obedience Heb 5:8,9
      Franklin wrote “Prosperity does best discover Vice Adversity does best discover Virtue”.
      Ultimate Responsibility ( maturity Begins with being responsible for ones thoughts/ words/ actions ) ultimately speaking Our Response to His Ability Phil 4:13 I Am that which brings into being I Am the way the Truth and The Life
      I Am the Light of the world He that follows me shall not walk in darkness but shall have the light of Life… The answer to this question is superior to all other questions determining every aspect of our Life and destiny ,What is God like? To get that wrong is a grave mistake but the pathway of the just is as a shining light unto the perfect day ie noonday
      the pathway of the wicked is as darkness they no not at what the stumble. Truth without love ineffectual or reversed love without truth is ?
      But together invincible. So getting to the heart of the matter proverbs 13:10 + 1 Cor 10:13
      The problem as all problems are spiritual and deal with relationship Whatsoever is not of Faith which comes by hearing the Word of God is like unto he that knows to do good and does it not for transgression of His Word is the SIN singular of the world Jn 1:29 Selfish Independent Negation Eve was deceived Adam disobeyed under13:10 Eve was not well informed Adam overly confident all cell’s in body give up their individual rights (how many nanomachines of irreducible complexity are in one human cell ?)@ in order to achieve Infinitely greater ability’s together …if a cell becomes self centered it grows into a cancer now this happens regularly in the body but is negated by t cells if immune system is not functioning properly for as sin Jn1:29 is the heart or spirit malfunction of unbelief then likewise there is only one disease cellular malfunction with same two causes 1)deficiency too little of something vital and
      2)toxicity as in toxic city too much of something harmful 13:10 intelligence can solve problems but with the well advised Wisdom can prevent problems thus the overthrow of The Evil One in us results in the Heart of God ,personally first time said or wrote been there done lying vanities Thank God for mercy for forgiveness and Grace (His Enabling Spirit to overcome) To God be the Glory turning evil around for good (perhaps a backup plan for disobedience ,as if God can learn anything ) supposing personally if Adam were to well inform Eve since she was a likely one of only two bottom ribs ,which have Ability to regenerate themselves and along with lungs product most blood (Lev 17:11) as in the breath of life thru nostrils hmm. Simply Eve, a part of Adam, as likely, Bride of Christ , a part of the body of Messiah EVE Was not present when Command not to eat fruit of the tree of Knowledge was given . For she stated they were not to touch least they die yet no such prohibition was give only consumption forbidden alas the very act of “disobedience” is deciding for one self what is good or evil
      Man’s Grestest continual test ,Has God Said?
      Yet had man more intent on tree of life God’s Genesis 1:26,27 Intention may have progressed spiritually in communion ,intimacy, partnership Extension of Trinity through yielded personalities Who knows but God! only a supposition For God cannot learn
      Deut 29:29 the little prince knows the love of God surpasses knowledge enter the third Brain enteric nervous system if GI tract included has more neurons than Brain/ Mind/
      Computer… Heart /policy maker/ Will… GI Tract /Emotions touchy feely subject Most effectual with proper guidance as in bowels of mercy But God looks upon the heart to see if anyone understands and seeks the Truth in Him how interesting that no/where in the Bible does it say the Truth will set you free that is a misunderstanding can you fill in this blank Einstein said ( by the way E=MC^2 is in Genesis Chapter one and was supposedly given to him byca Rabbi , “The Genesis Factory”,Yaccov Rambsel ) Einstein wrote the true value of a human being is determined primarily by the extent and measure in which he has attained literation from _______?
      Truth will grow in intimacy into Me see Truth will enrapture us to dependency for lack of a better word whereas tree of Knowledge to ” Independency” the I Will’s of Isaiah 14 compound this error (set free) with John 3:16
      Which polling found great majority miss quote see for yourself this possible fatal error of John17;3 do we know the severity of getting this supposed gospel summation wrong see for yourselves go write down John 3:16 and compare make sure each word is correct and see if you pass this simple test?
      Said supposedly because salvation was to correct man’s fall to continue on higher pathway as in 2 Cor 3:18 and progressively highly levels of fellowship as if there is any End Ecclesiastes 7:8 1 Cor 15:28
      Next ?,are we sinners by choice ?1 Cor 10:13

      *Pass tense Intention retention, contension detention
      @ one thousand million

  26. Elizabeth says:

    Any updates???

  27. Tracy says:

    Thank-you for excellence in dating scripturally.
    As Christ slain from foundation of world …
    Alpha and Omega Thee Revelation of Christ
    Ever unfolding… Never read “The Splendor of His Ways”* but should be an Excellent book on Job! The Ultimate Intention by Fromke does focus mostly on the 1) God initially brought Job on trail 2) Satan accuses God of getting followers by material enticement (Matt 6:24)
    3) The second half of “Though He slay me yet will I trust Him, is speculated to be the part that God wanted to bring into an intimate relationship** , which began in chapter 38 alas Hebrews 5:8,9 choose in furnace of affliction since The Father can not learn…the test is character development, we are transformed
    Yet perhaps the key issue John 5:19,30 and like passages 2 Cor.9,10 laboring to enter into rest {hmm Rom 8:18-23 as in Jobs case displayed before the whole universe… Also in laboring waiting for biblical adoption,(that is coming into mind, will, and purpose of The Father for signet ring of authority) the manifestation of the sons of God} Thus the groaning and travailing as in Rev 12:2,5 using
    Rev 1:19 as timeframe and Isaiah 66:6-9 as backup during Dan12:1-3 the second half of Isaiah 61:2b,3 this being the reason Jesus stopped in middle of prophecy concerning Himself in Luke 4:18-21 because of Jn 3:17 .
    As Newton explained Cutting New Covenant in middle of unique week the Ultimate Sacrifice
    Dan 9:27 already 4 of 6 of things, accomplished in first 3.5 year ministry,Dan 9:24 second half fulfilling Eph 4:13***Christ comes first in His people (Body) then for His people Resurrection then rapture 1 the 4:16,17
    The highly honored saints Rev 20:4-6 Jn 17:20 21 …Thus The Preacher wrote in Ecc 7:8 the Unique chapter in Hebrew 7=Covenant, Kingdom, Divine Completion 8= Rebirth Resurrection in Greek His name = 888 He Resurrects Himself then Rebirth in us then we together are Resurrected into Him 1 Cor 15:24,28 Jn 11:25 the Hebrew gematria of word in verse 12 of Ecc 7 is www it means to profit also prophecy since W=6 the world wide Web is described in Matt 13:47’s 7 + last Parable of course pointing to Rev 13:7,18 + 7th and last letter to church Rev.2+3 how Satan uses material gain to gain His Body.
    By the way haSatan = 359 corresponding to the 359 chapter where He is first mentioned in the Bible 1 Chronicles 21:1 David’s greatest sin Satan provokes David to number Israel
    While Exodus 3:14 = 961 unique only 3 digit # where reverse of # is reverse of its square which leads to the Holy of Holies Isaiah 53 counting (Ecc.7:27)from Gen chapter 1
    Meanwhile Chapter 169 is Deut 16 Observing
    Passover , ch13 Abram leaves Egypt, 31Jacob leaves Laben and Jer 31×31 = New Covenant
    Noteworthy Matt 13 chronological connection to Rev chapters 2+3 … 5 out of 7 experience corruption Jesus of course First and most Important Parable yet Laodicean church only one God had nothing good to say about it…
    Sooo what is God saying to the Laodicean dialectic ( lukewarm)? From the oldest book to the last book ? Thanks came to your site to answer question on oldest book was researching Job 7:17,18 (Who is asking,” What is man”),John Gill’s surperb commentary H 2:6 attributes David !…. but thought no
    * probably called “The Glory of His Splendor”
    ** Way Truth Life Law of Instruction , Illuminating Principle, Enabling Spirit
    Children , Young Men , Fathers 30/60/100 fold
    *** Matt 28:20 Jn 20:21 after all Thee Unique Scripture Isaiah 45:11

    • Tracy says:

      PS Ecclesiastes The Preacher chapter 7 is the www chapter if carefully observed every barcode Begins // Is divided by // and ends//*
      with numeric value of W these lines are longer at bottom Rev ch hmm phone call
      * noticed since last century but lately have found some, ( very few), exceptions
      One should investigate the unsearchable riches of Gen 1:1 “The other biblecode”by Vernon Jenkins, (author of “The Ultimate Assertion “), www is very noticeable but Daniel 12:3 is OUTSTANDINGLY PRESENT
      Being Genesis 15:1 After 3 years hope soon to get his book though the beginning of wonders never ends as Isaiah 9:7 PS 9:6 can also be translated Time’s Father Jn 1:3
      Since Satan imitates…,There in Gen 1:1 www
      Could signify it as,very special meaning to our Wonderful Father after all Luke 15 is not about a prodigal son (sinner) or self righteous son (Pharisee) but how a Wonderful Father can reconcile both to Himself first teaching Matt 5:3 as in There is ONLY ONE GOOD…WHAT do we HAVE that we did not RECEIVE??????? 1 Cor 4:7 perhaps we have only one possession? What think ye? Second
      The Heavenly Pattern Matt 4:4-10 Jesus would do nothing : for, of,or with Himself but followed Pro 3:5-7 opposite Gen 3:5-7 likewise Rom 11:36 reveals 2 Cor 4:7 The Revelation of Jesus Thee Anointed Gen 3:15 Incorruptible Power being unselfishness Thee Tree of Life The Father receives a forever family The Son a Bride The Spirit a temple and thus we have not begun to scratch the surface of being His Glory to Whom be Glory forever Amen…Vessels of His Honor Rev.3:21 What is man that You magnify him ,that you set you Heart {Jesus}
      upon him, You visit him every morning (maybe with a “u” Isaiah 61:3) and try him every moment 2 Cor 10:4-6

  28. mark macmohon says:

    In the beginning was the Word,the Word was with God, and the Word was God…He was in the beginning with God…avoid the lowlife of higher criticism. Yawohl !!

  29. John says:

    Terah didn’t have Abraham at 70 (Gen 11:26) that is a summary verse that is saying at 70 Terah became a father and had 3 sons. You see it with Noah (Gen 5:32) and some other places. Terah had Abraham when he was 130. Lets look at the scripture. (Gen 11:32) this tells us Terah died when he was 205 in Haran, (Gen 12:1 Now the Lord had said to Abram,
    Get out of your country, from your family and from your father’s house, to a land that I will show you.) They left the Chaldeans and came to Haran. When was Abraham removed from Haran? (Acts 7:1-4) in verse 2 you can see he is talking about Abraham. Verse 4 tells us he left after his father died. How old was Abraham when he left Haran? (Gen 12:4 So Abram departed, as the Lord had apoken to him; and Lot went with him: and Abram was 75 years old when he departed out of Haran.) If Terah was 205 when he died in Haran and Abraham was 75 when he left after his father died. 75 subtracted from 205 is 130.

  30. Timothy says:

    Good write up.

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  33. Thank you for this. It explains a lot. I’ve just been trawling through the history of Mesopotamia and evolutionists going on about how the bible stole its ideas from the Sumerians. The bit about the prose being older really means a lot because it shows that its possible the book is somewhat inspired by Sumerian texts in the form of poetry but is in its own a true story none the less. Another thing that really brought me some light was when you talked about the book not being about ‘Why do people suffer’. Its always bugged me because the book really doesn’t answer the question.

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