About Me

Hello, Scroll Eaters.  I figure if you’re going read and follow a blog about reading the Bible through in a year, then it’s only fair that you know a little something about me – where I stand theologically and where I come from philosophically.

I am a Christian minister, ordained in the Southern Baptist Convention.  I received my Master of Divinity from Beeson Divinity School of Samford University in 2005.  I received my Bachelor of Science in Communication with a minor in English from Mississippi College in 2001.  I have preached at numerous churches, been a youth minister at two churches, and gone on a handful of short term mission trips, one of which was international.  I taught high school Old Testament, New Testament, Church History, Worldviews, Ethics, Apologetics, and jr. high English at a small private Christian school.  My Hebrew and Greek are functional, but not spectacular.  I am theologically conservative.

I’m a biblical inerrantist, meaning I believe the Bible is without error, and it’s teachings are normative, meaning what the Bible teaches is the norm for a correct life.  To be very specific, I adhere to The Chicago Statement on Biblical Innerancy.

I’m a music fanatic with way too large a record collection.  I read voraciously.  I love basketball, but can’t play it any longer thanks to six surgeries on my tibia, fibula, and ankle. I adore chess, and am always up for a game.  I’m a bit of a film nerd.  I hold various financial licenses and work in the financial services field.

My name is Kyle.


3 Responses to About Me

  1. Fletcher R. Dunaway says:

    Kyle, you [got my attention] with your ministry!

  2. penman4u says:

    Hello Kyle, Is this blog now defunct or are you still posting? I was confused on the issue by a singular post (perhaps I need to explore a bit more first) I was drawn here by a question I posed to my browser on how we know that Job was written before Genesis, and was pleased with what I learned from you. I am a perpetual student of the bible as well as a bible teacher, with mostly only a self educated foundation…scratch that, a Spirit led education on God’s word. But I did try college only to be disillusioned by false teaching and the arrogance of ivy league indoctrination methods and beliefs. In other words, the world’s educational systems which I find farcical due to the powerfully corruptive nature of money, along with mankind’s propensity towards intellectual arrogance and denial of God. I say that to underscore my own method of education of learning from others like you, combined with personal study/research and observation and etc. I’m getting windy again, please respond.

  3. Jim Dykes says:

    Are you familiar with Bruce Ware, GOD’S GREATER GLORY ? ONE OF MY FAVORITE BOOKS. JIM


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